Inside Systems Pty Ltd

Providing elegant solutions to demanding and complex problems


About us

Inside Systems Pty Ltd is continuing the tradition of Inside Systems GmbH, maintaining existing solutions and delivering new custom software, networking and security solutions. Founded in January 2012 we continue to provide specialised solutions as we first did with our Switzerland based company Inside Systems GmbH since 1996. Our team consists of several highly decorated developers, negotiators and scientists.

Services we offer include software development, cryptography and security as well as consulting services. Most of the products we develop you’ll never have heard of, nor is it our mission to advertise them. Most of the solutions we develop are customised, often in sensitive areas or with private clients.

If you are interested in what we can offer for you or your business, please read on.

Development Services

Examples of customised development services we can provide include

  • Designing and implementing highly efficient human machine interfaces.
  • Rapid prototyping for mobile and multiplatform applications
  • Development of solutions (not just software).
  • We also provide high availability service infrastructure.

Talk to us sooner rather than later. The earlier we can advise you on your project, the more time and money you can save by pursuing the ideal path to complete satisfaction early on in the process.

Consulting Services

We provide advice and second opinions. Call us before your IT project goes sour, we can help rectify shortcomings with our unique skill set of negotiating abilities and superior technology skill.

Cryptography and Security

This is a rather specialised field and we have an accumulated century of expertise in it. Some examples of the kind of work we have done for clients include:

  • Securing data with encryption systems developed specifically for the clients needs
  • Securing communications
  • Providing secure infrastructure (black box or outsourced solutions)
  • Intrusion testing
  • Password retrieval services

Extreme IT

Last but not least: We have experience in extreme IT! We have built servers operating at 5000m elevation and we can obtain data connections to the most remote corners of this world via Iridium, Inmarsat or Thuraya satellite connections.


Please contact us at any time, simply email with your query and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. We can also provide you with references on request.