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Simulation Software

We are developing simulation software that leverages and improves on the incredibly complete and accurate Precision Simulator PSX, the world’s most sophisticated 747-400 flight and systems simulator running on any home computer supporting Java.

Our released products are:

  • RealTraffic: Fly your 747-400 worldwide in realistic traffic scenarios by having the nearest flying traffic injected in real time to the simulator. The traffic is visible in your simulators TCAS system, and, for scenery systems supporting traffic, you will be able to see the traffic there as well. Users of the Foreflight iPad app can see all of the traffic retrieved from the live flight tracking service in use.
  • Foreflight Connector: Use the very popular Foreflight iPad application with PSX to display your position, use approach and enroute charts and display PSX simulated traffic on your maps. Also displays real world live air traffic if used in conjunction with RealTraffic above.
  • RealShear: This software allows the realistic simulation of wind shear events: Whether that’s microburst induced shear near the ground, or large shear capable of causing high altitude upset, this software redefines realism when it comes to these very dangerous natural phenomena. The software allows the playback of recorded and infamous events and replicates the functionality ordinarily only found in large scale simulators at use in airlines  training facilities.

Products under development or in Alpha stage: