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JS Tools

Instrumentation Library

The instrumentation library codifies the culmination of many decades of research into the human-machine interface. It is best suited to display data driven, rich user interfaces for operating and monitoring systems and is a result of development efforts at Inside Systems GmbH in the mid 1990’s where it was used to convey information in new avionics products. Today however, monitoring applications are increasingly often implemented in web interfaces due to the very nature of monitoring often being a networked process. With the instrumentation library we have developed it is possible to now create interfaces that show gauges providing immediate visual cues, and all of that without any third party plugins and based on the HTML 5 standard. Clients using these libraries include network operating centres throughout the world and astronomical observatories in several countries.

Follow this link for a live demonstration page (opens in new window)

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Astronomical Library

We have developed a web based observatory management system in 2002 which made extensive use of browser based calculations coded in Javascript. This required ready availability of astronomical key data as well as calculations for positions, rise and set time, time zone conversions (taking daylight savings time automatically into account), coordinate system conversion and many more. An example page for the astronomical library will be put up here shortly.

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