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Foreflight Connector for PSX

Foreflight Connector
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This PSX addon transmits position, altitude, speed and attitude to the Foreflight iPad application. Usage is very simple: Start the jar, then enter PSX’s address or leave as localhost if running on the same computer. It will immediately start to broadcast the data Foreflight needs to display both the attitude indicator as well as the moving map display. Select the “Broadcast PSX traffic” option if you want the PSX generated traffic to appear in Foreflight as well.

If you’re running this on a computer with multiple network interfaces installed, the Foreflight connector may be broadcasting to the wrong network. In that case, you can manually specify the broadcast address to use. Find out which network your iPad is on, and determine the correct broadcast address for that network. Then, instead of just double clicking on the jar file, you need to pass the arguments “bc” to the jar file when starting (without the quotes), where is just an example broadcast address. Example:

java -jar /path/to/Ffc2.jar bc

This would use the broadcast address to send the PSX data.

  • ff_tfc psx_tfc

Release history

– Works with Foreflight 7.x
– Now limited to a 10 minute free demo with cheap annual licensing.
– Allows for manual specification of broadcast address
–¬†Obtain correct broadcast address for currently selected IPv4 interface
– Initial public release.